With forward thinking and an interest in community care WestStone is working closely with the City of Surrey and community leaders on its latest project Innovation Village.

Today WestStone is the largest development company within its home Surrey, British Columbia.

WestStone Innovation Fund

The WestStone Innovation Fund offers a regulated Offering Memorandum which permits investors to invest funds directly with the WestStone experienced development team’s development of this prime development location. The Fund is professionally managed by WestStone’s management team whose experience includes construction, financing, compliance, marketing and or sale. Read more about WestStone Group

“Based on our management experience we draw of the goal of diversification, great opportunities and extensive analysis. Read more about how our investment process works.

We also draw from areas where our management team has extended experience. Our base of operations is in Surrey, British Columbia and Phoenix Arizona where we have been building rental properties since 2006.”


Disclaimers and Legal Stuff

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Forward-Looking Statements

This summary includes forward-looking statements with respect to the Fund. “Forward-looking information” is for the purpose of securities legislation, as it contains statements of the intended course of conduct and future operations of the Fund. These statements are based on assumptions made by us about the success of the Fund’s investment strategies in certain market conditions, relying on the experience of our officers and employees and their knowledge of historical economic and market trends. Investors are cautioned that the assumptions we make and the success of our investment strategies are subject to a number of mitigating factors. Economic and market conditions may change, which may materially impact the success of our intended strategies as well as the Fund’s actual course of conduct. This Presentation should be read in conjunction with the Fund’s offering memorandum. Investors are urged to read the section herein and in the Fund’s offering memorandum called Risk Factors for a discussion of other factors that will impact the Fund.


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